Volume of a pentagonal prism calculator

Keep reading to learn more about Volume of a pentagonal prism calculator and how to use it.

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Volume of Pentagonal Prism Calculator

We calculate the volume of a pentagonal prism using the formula is V = 5/2abh where this formula is further understood as V = [1/2 × 5 × base length × apothem] × height of the prism. The values are put in the formula and write the answer

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Pentagonal Prism Calculator

Prism volume V = S h = 0 Prism Prism — is a polyhedron, two faces of which are congruent (equal) polygons lying in parallel planes, and the remaining faces are parallelograms that have

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Online Volume of a Pentagonal Prism Calculator

Pentagonal Prism Calculator Definition A pentagonal prism is a type of prism that uses a pentagon for a base. It's volume and total surface area can be calculated using the tool

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Volume of Pentagonal Prism

Regular Pentagonal Prism Calculator. Apothem Length. Side Length. Height. Results: Area of Base. Perimeter of Base. Surface Area of Prism. Volume of Prism.