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Mathematical Word Problems

Example 1: Write as a verbal expression. q − 15 = 34. You can read this as “q minus 15 equals 34.”. Another answer that is still completely correct could be “15 less than q is 34” or possibly

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Math Word Problems

The Verbal Math Lesson is a series of three books that advance in level of difficulty as they go along. Book 1 is for ages 5-7, Book 2 is for ages 7-8 and Book 3 is for ages

Word Problems Grades 1-5

Solve Two-Step Equations Multiply, Dividing; Exponents; Square Roots; and Solving Equations LinearEquations Solving a Quadratic Equation Systems of Linear Equations Introduction

Math Review of Problem-Solving Strategies: Verbal Problems

Verbal Problems in Algebra. The following is an attempt to classify the verbal problems.

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