Trigonometric equations

The three trigonometric equations are based on the three trigonometric functions. The three trigonometric equations are Sinθ = Sinα, Cosθ = Cosα, Tanθ = Tanα. The three trigonometric

Trigonometric equations and identities

The cosine and the secant are even functions; the other trigonometric functions are odd functions. That is: That is: sin ⁡ ( − x ) = − sin ⁡ x cos ⁡ ( − x ) = cos ⁡ x tan ⁡ ( − x ) = − tan ⁡ x cot ⁡ ( − x ) = − cot ⁡ x csc ⁡ ( − x ) = − csc ⁡ x sec ⁡ ( − x ) = sec ⁡ x .
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Trigonometric Equations

To solve a trigonometric equation, we need the following preliminary knowledge: If sin ⁡ θ = sin ⁡ α \sin \theta = \sin \alpha sin θ = sin α, then θ = n π + (− 1) n α \theta=n\pi+(-1)^{n}\alpha θ = n

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General Solution of Trigonometric Equations

sinθ = sin(θ ± 2kπ) There are similar rules for indicating all possible solutions for the other trigonometric functions. Solving trigonometric equations requires the same techniques as

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How to Solve Trigonometric Equations

Know how to solve basic trig equations. There are 4 types of basic trig equations: sin x = a ; cos x = a; tan x = a ; cot x = a; Solving basic trig equations proceeds by studying the various positions of the arc x on

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