Find the exact value of cos (arcsin ()).

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How do you find the exact value of cos(arcsin(1/3))?

The answer is = 12 13 Explanation: We need cos2θ +sin2θ = 1 Let y = arcsin( 5 13) So, siny = 5 13 cos2y = 1 − sin2y = 1 − 25 169 = 144 169 cosy = 12 13 Therefore, cos(arcsin( 5

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Find the exact value of cos(arcsin( one fourth )). For full credit

The value of cos(arcsin( one fourth )) is 0.9682 to 4 decimal places. cos(θ) = ≈ 0.9682 to 4 decimal places arcsin of some value gives you the angle that was used derive the

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