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Find amplitude period phase shift

Algebra. Find Amplitude, Period, and Phase Shift f (t)=tan (2t- (2pi)/3)+5. f (t) = tan (2t − 2π 3) + 5 f ( t) = tan ( 2 t - 2 π 3) + 5. Use the form atan(bt−c)+ d a tan ( b t - c) + d to find the variables

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Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift, and Vertical Shift of

Determine the Amplitude, Period, & Phase Shift of a Cosine Function From its Graph Example 1: Step 1: We first need to identify the {eq}y {/eq}-value at the peak of the function, which will give us our amplitude. Step 2: We determine

How do you determine the amplitude, period, phase shift and

In words: the 2 tells us it will be 2 times taller than usual, so Amplitude = 2 the usual period is 2 π, but in our case that is sped up (made shorter) by the 4 in 4x, so Period = π/2 and the −0.5

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Find Amplitude, Period, and Phase Shift y=sin(x)

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