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Thanks you so much This app ˜. Very easy to use. Also it contains with agood looking calculator, i read a few comments saying that taking a picture of the problem did not work but it did, it can anything I bring it.

Michael Fortner

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Giuseppe Cabrera

Who ever made this, u are a legend. More than better if you're a free user it's really the best to check your answers if you're a math person really enjoyed it and it's simple and easy.

Brian Jacobs

al-Khwarizmi, the Father of Algebra

Create an equation with a variable on both sides. Solve the equation using algebra tiles and algorithms simultaneously. Solve your equation using Graspable Math Create your Equation. Type your equation and your work in the space

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Who Invented Algebra?

The origins of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians, who developed a positional number system that greatly aided them in solving their rhetorical algebraic equations. The Babylonians were not interested in exact solutions, but rather approximations, and so they would commonly use linear See more

The History of Algebra

Algebra (from Arabic ‏ الجبر ‎ (al-jabr) 'reunion of broken parts, bonesetting') is one of the broad areas of mathematics.Roughly speaking, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the