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Pyramid Angle Calculator

For the purposes of this calculator, the inradius is calculated using the area (Area) and semiperimeter (s) of the triangle along with the following formulas: inradius = Area s s = a + b +c 2 where a, b, and c are the sides of the triangle
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Rectangular Pyramid Calculator and Maker

The miter angle is set on the miter gauge of the table saw. A perpendicular cut has a miter of 0°. Some saws label the miter angle differently, with a perpendicular cut labeled 90°. This is the miter complement angle. The

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This method of calculation would make the slope angle of the Great Pyramid 51.85 degrees. In the phi method of calculation, the height of one of the triangular faces of the pyramid is phi, while the height of the pyramid is the square root

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