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Problem Solving Using Prime Factorization

An example question is given below which will help to understand the process of calculating the prime factors of a number easily. Q.1: Find the prime factors of 1240. ∴ The Prime Factors of 1240 will be 23× 5 × 31. Q.2: Find the prime factors of 544. Solution: Therefore, the prime factors of 544 are 25 x 17. See more

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Integer factorization

The HCF of two numbers can be found out by first finding out the prime factors of the numbers. The HCF is the product of the common prime factors with the smallest powers. For example, let us find the HCF of 12 and 18. The prime

Prime Factorization

Prime factorization worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the basics of the concept. worksheets enable students to develop their foundational concepts in the topic at hand. These
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Prime Factor

Following are the steps to find all prime factors: While n is divisible by 2, print 2 and divide n by 2. After step 1, n must be odd. Now start a loop from i = 3 to square root of n. While i divides n, print i and divide n by i, increment i by

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