Perimeter and area of similar figures worksheet answers

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Area and Perimeter of Similar Figures Worksheet

At every step, area and perimeter worksheets make sure students' doubts are being cleared practically while they are working on it first-hand. These math worksheets come along with an

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Area and Perimeter of Similar Figures

Find the Perimeter of a Triangle, Perimeter of a Rectangle, Area of a Triangle, Area of a Trapezoid and more. Our perimeter and area worksheets are designed to supplement our Perimeter and

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Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures 5.2

Answer Key. 1) Perimeter of STR = 37 2) i) Scale factor = 3 : 1. ii) Ratio of perimeter = 3 : 1. iii) Ratio of area = 3 2 : 1 2. 3) 5.3 cm 2. 4) Area of smaller triangle = (1/9) of area of larger triangle.
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Ratio and Scale Factor of Perimeters and Areas Worksheets

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