Parallel and perpendicular equations calculator

One tool that can be used is Parallel and perpendicular equations calculator.

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2 Lines Intersection Calculator

The procedure to use the perpendicular line calculator is as follows: Step 1: Enter the line equation and the coordinates of a point by which the line passes through, in the input field.

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How to Calculate Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Find the equation of the line that is: parallel to y = 2x + 1 ; and passes though the point (5,4) The slope of y=2x+1 is: 2. The parallel line needs to have the same
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Pre-Algebra Examples

Free perpendicular line calculator - find the equation of a perpendicular line step-by-step

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Equations of a Parallel and Perpendicular Line

The perpendicular line’s equation is y = -3x +14. Now use the calculator to calculate the perpendicular line equations. 5x + 6y = 10, which is the result of traveling through

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