Multiplying decimals word problems

Each decimal word problem involves multiplication of a whole number with a decimal number. 5th grade students are expected to find the product and check their answer using the answer key provided in the second page. Dividing

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals Word Problems - Worksheet #1 The more you practice this printable worksheet, the smarter you become at figuring out real-world problems that involve multiplying two decimals. Pick out the numbers and multiply them. Be mindful of placing the decimal point in the product. Multiplying Decimals Word Problems - Worksheet #2

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Multiplying decimals word problem

Word Problems: Multiplying & Dividing Decimals by 1-Digit Numbers. Solve each word problem by multiplying decimals to the tenths and hundredths place by single digit numbers. 4th through 6th Grades. View PDF.
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Mixed decimals word problems for grade 5

Welcome to the Multiply and Divide Decimals section at this page, you will find worksheets on multiplication and division of decimals, multiplication and division of

Multiply decimals and whole numbers: word problems

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