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2.6 Multi-Step Factoring

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Multi-Step Factoring by Vicki Hines

9.4 Multi-Step Factoring Common Core Standard: A-SSE.A.1, A-SSE.B.3, A-APR.A.1, A-APR.B.3, A-CED.A.1, A-SSE.A.2 Algebra 1 9.4 Multi-Step Factoring Share 3/4 Watch on Packet To purchase

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9.4 Multi-Step Factoring

First, let’s factor the expression 6x^3 + 14x^2 +4x 2x(3x^2+7x+2) (factor out 2x) 2x(3x+1)(x+2) (find factors or use quadratic equation) Now, for a triangular prism, the volume

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Math is a way of solving problems by using numbers and equations.

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Level 5 Multi-Step Factoring Practice

Example: x^2+5x+4 Example (Click to try) x^2+5x+4 How to factor expressions If you are factoring a quadratic like x^2+5x+4 you want to find two numbers that Add up to 5 Multiply together to

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