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The camera works flawlessly and the explanations, even without the premium, are extremely clear and easy to understand, it's really good for doing problems fast and easy, it is really easy to use too. Very good app for studends who are weak in maths.

Jason Thompson

If you need answers to any math problem, this app will get it done for you. The most subject I am suffering in was math, but now that I have gotten this app I will learn as if I am mud 😜♥️😳. This app is still great regardless, this app helps me check my qoek and fully explains how to do it.

Tom Rice

Its not about getting the answer, its about how you got to it, i love taking photos of the problems abg getting the answer right away, so download and solve maths.

Paul Cheek
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Cuemath Leap is a very different experience as we learn math from the experts from IIT and Cambridge University. Though it’s an online program, I feel my teacher is there right next to me

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