How to find diameter with area

The diameter is the twice twice the square root of the area divided by pi. This is a KS3 lesson on finding the diameter from the area. It is for students from Year 7 who are preparing for GCSE.

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Radius or Diameter of a Circle Given Area

The equation used to find the area using only the diameter is: A= π(D/2)2 A = π ( D / 2) 2 The reason this formula is used instead of πr2 π r 2 is because the diameter needs to be divided

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How do you find diameter of a circle with area?

Find the diameter of this swimming pool. Answers 1. The formula for the area A as a function of the diameter d of a circle is given by A = π (d/2)^2. Hence using d = 2 (radius) = 2 (16) =