How to write log in exponential form

The solver will provide step-by-step instructions on How to write log in exponential form.

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Converting from logarithmic form to exponential form

The exponential form \(a^x = N\) is transformed and written in logarithmic form as \(Log_aN = x\). The exponential form of a to the exponent of x , which is equal to N is transformed to the

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Logarithmic to Exponential Form

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How do you write log4x=3 in exponential form?

This algebra video tutorial explains how to write logarithmic equations in exponential form. It also explains how to convert exponential equations to logari
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Converting Between Logarithmic And Exponential Form

The formula of log to exponential form is \(log_aN = x\), is written in exponential form as \(a^x = N\). The logarithm of a number N to the base of a is equal to x, which if written in exponential

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