How to tell if a graph is a function

It’s important to keep them in mind when trying to figure out How to tell if a graph is a function.

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Relations and Determining Whether a Relation is a Function

How To: Given a graph of a function, use the horizontal line test to determine if the graph represents a one-to-one function. Inspect the graph to see if any horizontal line drawn would intersect the curve more than

Recognizing functions from graph (video)

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How to Tell If a Graph Is a Function

If we want to check whether the graph is a function or not we use the concept called vertical line test. If the vertical line drawn across at anywhere of the graph intersects the graph at most

What makes a graph a function?

How Do You Know If the Graph is a Function? A function always passes the vertical line test . To use this test, just take a vertical line (or just a vertical stick) and make it pass through the graph from left to right horizontally.

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Identify Functions Using Graphs

And sometimes there's something called the vertical line test that tells you whether something is a function. When it's graphically defined like this, you literally say, OK, when x is 4, if I draw a vertical line, do I

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