How to take derivative of ln

The derivative of the natural logarithmic function (ln [x]) is simply 1 divided by x. This derivative can be found using both the definition of the derivative and a calculator. Derivatives of logarithmic functions are simpler than they would

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Derivative of ln(x) (video)

y = ln ( x 2) = 2 ln ( x) Now, take the derivative. This is the calculus step. y ′ = ( 2 ln ( x)) ′ = 2 ( ln ( x)) ′ = 2 ( 1 x) = 2 x. In the example above, only one rule was needed to fully expand the expression. The next example shows you how to apply

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3.9: Derivatives of Ln, General Exponential & Log Functions

This calculus video tutorial provides a basic introduction into derivatives of logarithmic functions. It explains how to find the derivative of natural loga