How do you find the area of a rhomboid?

You can find the area in square units of the rhombus by multiplying the lengths of the two diagonals ( d1 d 1 and d2 d 2) and dividing by two. area = (d1 × d2) 2 a r e a = ( d 1 × d 2) 2 If our rhombus only has the measurements for the diagonals

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3 Ways to Calculate the Area of a Rhombus

Since 6 cm x 8 cm = 48 cm 2, just divide the result by 2. 48 cm 2 /2 = 24 cm 2. The area of the rhombus is 24 cm 2 . Find the base and the height. You can also think of this as

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Rhomboid: area, perimeter, examples, calculator and more!

If you know the length of base b b, and you know the height or width h h, you can now multiply those two numbers to get area using this formula: area = b × h a r e a = b × h. area = 18 in × 9 in a r e a = 18 i n × 9 i n. Then, we get our answer:
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