How to solve subtraction equations

Students learn to solve one-step subtraction equations. For example, to solve z - 3 = 16, add 3 to both sides of the equation, to get z = 19. Next, check the solution by

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How to Solve One-Step Equations (Addition and Subtraction)

Here are a few examples! Example 1: Subtraction Equations In example 2 we will see what happens when you have a negative number as your answer. Don't forget your integer rules!

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One-Step Subtraction Equations

Step 1, Write one equation above the other. Solving a system of equations by subtraction is ideal when you see that both equations have one variable with the same

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One-step addition & subtraction equations

The coefficients can be made equal by multiplying the entire equation with a number which when multiplied to the coefficient of the variable to be eliminated gives the LCM of the coefficients of

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One-step addition & subtraction equations

So I'm going to have to add five on the right-hand side as well, and so on the left-hand side I'm left with a, and then the negative five and the positive five cancel out and on the
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Solving Subtraction Equations with Two or More Variables

With a focus on addition and subtraction, this worksheet walks learners through examples of how to solve one-step, one-variable equations using inverse operations. Then students are tasked

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Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting

3.54K subscribers This video shows viewers how to solve one-step equations using 3 steps. 1) Identify the operation being performed on the variable. 2) Apply the inverse, or opposite operation