How to find the period of a trig function

This fundamental period of a function is also called the function period in which the function repeats itself. f(x +P) = f(x) f ( x + P) = f ( x) Note: the sine function is a periodic

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Finding the Period and Amplitude of a Sine Function

To find the period of any given trig function, first find the period of the base function. The period of sine, cosine, cosecant, and secant is 2 π. For tangent and cotangent, the period is π. Then

Amplitude & period of sinusoidal functions from equation (video)

period formula for tangents & cotangents: \omega = \dfrac {\pi} {\lvert B \rvert} ω = ∣B∣π. In the sine wave graphed above, the value of the period multiplier B was 2. (Sometimes the value of B inside the function will be negative, which is why
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Trig Help: Graphing 4

The trig word in the function stands for the trig function you have, either sine, cosine, tangent, or cotangent. The A stands for the amplitude of the function, or how high the

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Precalculus : Find the Period of a Sine or Cosine Function

The graph of a trigonometric function of the form y = a sin (b x), with b >0, is shown below. Find its period and the parameter b. solution There is one cycle from the zero at x = -π/4 to the zero at x = π/4. Hence the period P is equal to:

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Cosine Function (Cos)

Domain, Range, and Period of Trig Functions. sin x:. Domain: R = {Set of real numbers} Range: [− 1, 1] Period: 2π

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