How to find the midpoint of a class in statistics

Suppose a 95% confidence interval for the difference between two means is -1.34 and 2.79. Find the midpoint of these numbers, which is the best guess for the difference

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Class Midpoint

The class midpoint (also called the class mark) is defined to be the average of the upper and lower values of a given class interval.The midpoint (or classmark ) of each class can be

Section 2.1, Frequency Distributions and Their Graphs

Find the Midpoints of the Frequency Table. Class Frequency 90 − 99 4 80 − 89 6 70 − 79 4 60 − 69 3 50 − 59 2 40 − 49 1 Class Frequency 90 - 99 4 80 - 89 6 70 - 79 4 60 - 69 3 50 - 59 2 40 - 49

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How do you find midpoint of frequency table?

You can find the midpoint of each class by adding the lower class limit and the upper class limit, then dividing by two: Class midpoint = (lower

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