How to find perimeter of circle

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Write the formula to find the perimeter of a circle

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How To Calculate The Perimeter Of A Circle

Given the radius of a circle, the circumference or perimeter can be calculated using the formula bwloe: Perimeter (P) = 2 · π · R where: R is the radius of the circle π is Pi, approximately 3.142 .

Perimeter of a Circle

Perimeter = Diameter x π Perimeter = (Radius x 2) x π Examples of the Perimeter of a Circle Calculation from the Radius or Diameter Pi equivalent to approximately 3.14159, let us take the example of a circle having a radius of 4cm: Perimeter

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Perimeter of a Circle (Circumference of a Circle)

Below are the steps to calculate the perimeter of a circle. Step 1: write out the formula computation. Step 2: Calculate the Diameter, which is 2 multiplied by the radius i.e 2r. Step 3:

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Circle Perimeter Calculator

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