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Read the Entire Word Problem. Before students look for keywords and try to

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How do I figure out math word problems (without going crazy)?

STEP 1: Change the percentage to a decimal. Remove the % sign from the 20% and drop a period in front of the 20 so we have .20. We are allowed to do this because when we are finding percents, we are really multiplying a

How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra

Solution- Here, we need to read every word of the statement attentively. Then solve the problem step by step. Age of Lize= 5 years Age of Anderson= 10 years. When the age of Lize is added to the age of Anderson, it

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How to Solve Word Problems

One common error in answering word problems is the failure to answer what was actually being asked. Look back at the central question you circled. Look back at the central question you

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Solving Word Problems in Mathematics

To find d, all we have to do is multiply 65 and 2.5. 65 ⋅ 2.5 equals 162.5. d = 162.5 We have an answer to our problem: d = 162.5. In other words, the distance Lee drove from his house to the

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If you're struggling with your math homework, our Math Homework Helper is here to help. With clear, concise explanations and step-by-step examples, we'll help you master even the toughest math concepts.

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Strategies for Solving Word Problems

How do you solve word problems? Read the problem carefully. List the given. Represent unknowns with variables. Translate the problem into math equations. Solve the equations.

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