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How to Solve Systems of Algebraic Equations Containing Two

Negative three times x, which now we're going to try out x being equal to negative three. Minus y, minus y. Y is positive three here. Minus y, gonna do that y color blue. Minus y now needs to be equal to, now needs to be equal, just like before

Solving Two Sided Equations Example

Solve for the other variable. You've found one variable, but you're not quite done yet. Plug your answer in to one of the original equations so you can solve for the other variable. For example: You know that x = 2, and one of your original equations is 3x - y = 3. Plug in 2 instead of x: 3(2) - y = 3. Solve for y in the equation: 6 - y = 3 See more

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Solving Equations With Two Variables

y=6; x=1 The You solve for one variable in terms of the other. for example: 15=3x+2y solve for x 15–2y=3x (15–2y)/3 = x Now it’s easy to substitute values for y and solve y=0; x=5 y=3; x=3
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