How do you write a translation algebraically

Step 1: Since the triangle on the left is labeled as Δ Δ ABC, we know that this is the preimage (before the translation) Step 2: To determine the horizontal shift, look at the coordinates of points B and B'. Point B has the coordinate (-5,

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Performing translations (video)

Let P', Q' and R' be the vertices of the translated figure. Since there is a translation of 7 units to the right and 5 units down, we have to add 7 to x-coordinate and subtract 5 from y-coordinate of each vertex. P' ------> (1+7, 11-5) = (8, 6) Q' ------>

Rules for Translations

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We will choose point A on the object. We see it has been translated to point A' . 1 Find how many units the point has moved in the horizontal direction. In our example, point A has moved 2 units to the right. 2 Write this as the top number

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amna04352. Answer: By addition/subtraction. Step-by-step explanation: If in domain: f (x+a) or f (x-a) If in range: f (x)+a or f (x)-a. Where a is the number of units of

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