How can you take two away from five and have four left?

IV is roman number for 4. The riddle ‘How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4’ can be indirectly read as ‘How can you take 2 (letters) from 5 and leave 4?’ So, 5 is spelled as F-I-V-E. If
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9. How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4?​

How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4? 4. I am a number with a couple of friends, quarter a dozen, and you'll find me again. What am I? 5. 4 62 9? 1 1910 7 6 . This problem has been

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How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4?

What is the answer to the question “How can you take two from five and leave four riddles?” The answer is IV. You’ll have IV, which is the roman number for 4, if you remove the first and last
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How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4 Riddle

Answer: by mistake we can take 2 from 5 and leave 4. please follow me and marked me as brainlest plsss plsss bro.

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