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The vertical asymptote is at the zero of the denominator, so: So the vertical asymptote is at x = 2. Here you can see the vertical asymptote (red) and the function (blue): How to find asymptotes: Skewed asymptote This

Vertical Asymptote

A vertical asymptote (or VA for short) for a function is a vertical line x = k showing where a function f (x) becomes unbounded. In other words, the y values of the function get

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Vertical Asymptotes

Vertical Asymptote: The function is in its simplest form, equate the denominator to zero in order to determine the vertical asymptote. ⇒ 3x – 2 = 0. ⇒ x = 2/3. Problem 7. Find the

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Finding Vertical Asymptotes of Rational Functions

Vertical asymptotes are vertical lines which correspond to the zeroes of the denominator of a rational function. (They can also arise in other contexts, such as logarithms, but you'll almost certainly first encounter asymptotes in the