Greater than less than problems

PDF. These Greater than Less Than Tens and Ones Print and Go Math Sheets are a great way for your students to practice and master these skills. These Print and Go NO PREP Math Sheets

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Easy Greater and Less Than Problems

On practice problems, use the phrases in the exact same order every time so they know the pattern. Point out the beginning sounds in the words greater, less and equal to help

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Greater Than and Less Than

Greater than—the number on the left is greater than the number on the right; 3 > 2. ≤. Less than or equal to—the number on the left is less than or equal to the number on the right; 2 or 3 ≤ 3. ≥. Greater than or equal to—the

Greater than & Less than (solutions, examples, songs, videos)

Greater than less than worksheets work great when it comes to teaching children comparison of different pairs like integers, fractions, decimals, etc. These math worksheets help students get

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