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FOIL Method (examples, solutions, videos)

Example 2. Use the foil method to solve:(-7x−3) (−2x+8) Solution. Multiply the first term: = -7x * -2x = 14x 2. Multiply the outer terms: = -7x * 8 = -56x. Multiply the inner

Foil Method – Explanation & Examples

Let's look at another example using FOIL. Example 3: Using the FOIL Method. TIP. There is one thing that you need to remember with FOIL! It only works when you are multiplying two binomials. This is not the only method used when

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The FOIL Method

Solution. FOIL Method. FIRST: Multiply the first term in each binomial. The first term in the binomial (2x−1) ( 2 x − 1) is 2x 2 x. The first term in (x+3) ( x + 3) is x x. Hence

FOIL Method

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multiplying binomials using the FOIL method.

Multiply Binomials using Foil Watch on Visualizing with Rectangles and Area What is the area of the rectangle below? The area of each part of the rectangle can be seen as a 'part' of the FOIL formula. Example 1 Let's multiply the