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This app is great I recommend usei mg it for sure if u can't find something else, the screen shot part saves alot of time and is what I'm looking for, 10 out 10 so far. Ya know, sometimes the smart kid is tired of being smart :)) So i downloaded this, (without caring what the teachers say about "cheating" hehe) i've never seen it being wrong, it's always correct.

Daryl Gay

Premium 100% worth the money, i was skeptical at first but it works. This app has helped with my math when I'm not in class, and it even shows you how and why you got that answer, this is a huge lifesaver, i used to have so many problem and it took forever with calculate and some didn't even have some of the equations.

Kieth Radcliffe

Math app is an excellent app to solve your math problems in short time, if they want that feature, they should buy it. The ads are also very scarse so we don't get bothered often, it's so easy to use and it also gave the solution of how the problem been solved and with that I can understand it more.

John Cantu

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