Finding missing lengths of similar triangles

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Unknown Measures in Similar Figures

You could cross-multiply, which is really just multiplying both sides by both denominators. So you get 5 times the length of CE. 5 times the length of CE is equal to 3 times 4, which is just going to be equal to 12. And then we get CE is

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How to Find the Missing Sides of Similar Triangles

Step 1: Find the ratio of corresponding sides Step 2: Use that ratio to find the unknown lengths Example: Find lengths a and b of Triangle S Step 1: Find the ratio We know all the sides in Triangle R, and We know the side 6.4 in Triangle

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How to Find the Missing Side Length Given Two Similar


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Similar Triangles

Find the missing length in the similar triangles. not sure how to write this since i cant draw the two triangles. One Triangle has the number 82 on the top, the bottom has