Find a pair of parallel lines.

If Any Pair Of Example: Corresponding Angles are equal: a = e: or : Alternate Interior Angles are equal: c = f: or : Alternate Exterior Angles are equal: b = g: or : Consecutive Interior Angles add up to 180° d + f = 180° then the lines are

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How to Prove Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines If a pair of lines lie in the same plane and do not intersect when produced on either side, then such lines are parallel to each other. If L and M are two parallel lines, we read it as L is parallel to M. We know that two lines in the

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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

How to Use the Parallel Line Calculator? Step 1: . Enter the inputs for the equation of the line for which the parallel line equation is to be found. Step 2: . Enter the coordinates through which
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SAT Math : How to find out if lines are parallel

Lines can either be parallel or intersecting. When two lines meet at a point in a plane, they are known as intersecting lines. If a line intersects two or more lines at distinct points then it is known as a transversal line. In figure 2, line l intersects lines a and b at points P and Q respectively. The line l is the transversal here. ∠1,∠2,∠ See more

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Number of pairs of parallel lines in the given figure is:

Parallel Lines The pairs of lines that do not intersect or meet at any point are called parallel lines. These lines lie on the same plane but do not intersect. The line segments or rays that lie on the
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