Difference Between Exponent and Power

Lesson Transcript. Elizabeth has been involved with tutoring since high school and has a B.A. in Classics. When solving algebraic expressions, it is imperative to know when roots and powers can or

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Powers and exponents

Inside the brackets is a power, x 2. It consists of a base (x) raised to an exponent (2). x 2 means x is multiplied by itself 2 times: x 2 = x × x. This power becomes the base of another power, (x 2) 3. Here, the base is x 2 and the exponent is 3.

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The Basic Ins and Outs of Exponents

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Algebra Topics: Exponents

In math, the definition of power is that a power is the number of times a number is used as a factor in a multiplication problem. Here is an example: Base and exponent In this

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Power of a Power Rules & Examples

The power of a power rule in exponents is a rule that is applied to simplify an algebraic expression when a base is raised to a power, and then the whole expression is raised to
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