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Epicenter Distance Calculator

Why do you need 3 seismic stations to find the epicenter? Scientists use triangulation to find the epicenter of an earthquake. When seismic data is collected from at

Epicenter and Amplitude Notes

To determine the distance of the earthquake epicenter, you can use the steps in the previous section. 1. Determine the arrival times of the P-wave and the S-wave: Arrival time of P-wave: 1.0 min. Arrival time of S-wave: 6.0 min 2. Calculate the difference between the arrival time of the P-wave and the S-wave. Time Difference = 6.0 − 1.0

Calculating the Epicenter of Earthquakes

Epicentral Distance & Phase Travel Time Calculator. Enter the latitudes and longitudes using decimal degrees and negative numbers to represent West and South directions. +90 latitude is N to -90 latitude is S of equator; +180

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Earthquake calculator. Strength Comparison


Earthquake Travel Time Information and Calculator


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