Differentiation problems and solutions

Questions on Differentiation (With Answers) Here are a few solved questions based on differentiation concept. 1. Differentiate x 5 with respect to x. Solution: Given, y = x 5. On

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Mixed Differentiation Problems 1

Differentiation is used to analyze the properties such as intervals of increase, decrease, local maximum, local minimum of quadratic functions. Examples with solutions and exercises with

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Calculus I

Solve this linear differential equation. \displaystyle x\dfrac {dy} {dx}-y=x^ {2}\sin (x) xdxdy −y = x2sin(x) \displaystyle y=-y\cos x+c y = −ycosx+c. \displaystyle y=-x\cos y+C y = −xcosy +C.

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Differentiation Questions (With Answers)

Solution : the distance x meters traveled by a vehicle in time t seconds. x = 20 t - (5/3)t 2. To find the speed of the vehicle, differentiate it with respect to t dx/dt = 20 (1) - (5/3)(2t) = 20 - (10 t/3)

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List of Derivative Problems

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For problems 1 – 3 use logarithmic differentiation to find the first derivative of the given function. f (x) = (5 −3x2)7 √6x2+8x −12 f ( x) = ( 5 − 3 x 2) 7 6 x 2 + 8 x − 12 Solution. y =
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