Derivatives 101

The derivative of a function describes the function's instantaneous rate of change at a certain point. Another common interpretation is that the derivative gives us the slope of the line

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Introduction to Derivatives

Derivatives can be used to hedge a position, speculate on the directional movement of an underlying asset, or give leverage to holdings. These assets are commonly traded on exchanges or OTC and

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C.2 Derivatives

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Derivative Calculator • With Steps!

Example: what is the derivative of cos(x)sin(x) ? We get a wrong answer if we try to multiply the derivative of cos(x) by the derivative of sin(x) !. Instead we use the Product Rule as explained on the Derivative Rules page.. And it actually

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Derivatives: Types, Considerations, and Pros and Cons

Derivative as a function Learn The graphical relationship between a function & its derivative (part 1) The graphical relationship between a function & its derivative (part 2) Connecting f and f'
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Derivatives: how to find derivatives


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