Complex number equations

Math can be a challenging subject for many learners. But there is support available in the form of Complex number equations.

Complex Number

By making use of the imaginary number i we can solve equations that involve the square roots of negative numbers. Complex numbers enable us to solve equations that we wouldn't be able to

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5.1: The Complex Number System

Example 1: Add the complex numbers {eq}z = 3 + 5i {/eq} and {eq}n = 2 - 7i {/eq}. 1) To add z + n, the real parts of z and n must be added together, and the imaginary parts of z and
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Intro to the imaginary numbers (article)

Explanation: To solve for , we must first solve the equation with the complex number for and . We therefore need to match up the real portion of the compex number with the real portions of