Area of A Sector Calculator

Circle sector. Sector — in geometry is a part of a circle bounded by an arc and two radii connecting the ends of the curve with the center of the circle. The central angle is the angle

Circular sector

Circular sector Calculator . Calculator and formulas for calculating the properties of a circular sector Online calculator. Geometry; Circular; Calculate circular sector. On this page you can

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Sector Calculator

The formula for the area of a sector is (angle / 360) x π x radius2. The figure below illustrates the measurement: As you can easily see, it is quite similar to that of a circle, but modified to account for the fact that a sector is just a part of a

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Circular sector Calculator

For angles of 2π (full circle), the area is equal to πr²: 2π → πr². So, what's the area for the sector of a circle: α → Sector Area. From the proportion we can easily find the final