Basic Electrical Engineering Formulas and Equations

The terms you will come across most often in equations and electrical formulas include: Volt – a volt is the unit of motive force or electrical potential required to push one amp of current through the resistance of one ohm. Ohm – an ohm is

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1 Electricians Math and Basic Electrical Formulas

A: I = E/R = (12 / 250) = 0.048 or 48mA (48 milliamps). All electronic circuits have some resistance; including the circuitry inside a power source, where even the wires to external

Electrical Formulas

Electrical Current Formulas in Three Phase AC Circuit. I = P / √3 x V x Cosθ; Voltage or Electrical Potential Formulas. Electrical Potential or Voltage Formula in DC Circuits. V = I x R; V = P / I; V = √ (P x R) Voltage or Electrical Potential

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Electricians basic math and other formulas

Let’s look at the most basic electrical formula: V=IR Fundamentally, what the “=” sign means is that whatever is on the left of the sign is equivalent to whatever is on the right. So, if you

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