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Exponent Calculator

This is the most basic Exponent Calculator. You type in the base number (b) and the exponent (e), and we convert it to a decimal number by multiplying b by itself e times. Adding Exponents

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Exponents Calculator

When an exponent is 1, the base remains the same. You can use it to calculate the power of a base number. 2 x y 4 =. This is the operation this online exponent calculator performs for

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Exponent Calculator

Free Exponents Calculator - Simplify exponential expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step
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Exponents Calculator & Solver

When multiplied bases are raised to an exponent, the exponent is distributed to both bases. (a × b) n = a n × b n EX: (2 × 4) 2 = 8 2 = 64 (2 × 4) 2 = 2 2 × 4 2 = 4 × 16 = 64 Similarly, when divided

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