Average velocity over interval calculator

average velocity = velocity₁ * time₁ + velocity₂ * time₂ + You should use the average velocity formula if you can divide your route into few segments. For example, you drive

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Velocity Calculator

Calculator Use Calculate v = (v + u) / 2. Choose a calculation to find average velocity ( v ), initial velocity (u) or final velocity (v). Enter two values and the calculator will solve for the third. You can also enter scientific notation in the

Average Velocity Calculator

v average = d ⁄ t Where d is distance and t is time. However, we can calculate a car’s average velocity irrespective of time and distance if we know its initial velocity, final velocity, and that it

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Velocity Calculator

Select the quantity to be measured and the calculator will calculate either velocity, acceleration, distance, time, or average velocity by using the respective equation. ADVERTISEMENT