Area word problem

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Area Word Problems Worksheet

Solution: Length of the rectangle=9 cm. width of the rectangle=4 cm. Area of rectangle=9 × 4=36. Since the area of the rectangle and square are equal, the area of the

Word Problems: Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

Solving Optimization Word Problems for Area Step 1: Use the given perimeter and the given possibilities for length to solve for the possible widths by solving for {eq}w {/eq} in the equation

Word problem involving the area of a rectangle

Learn how to solve the problems by finding the rectangle area using the formula and try to apply the knowledge to solve related problems. Do check: Worksheet on Area; Find

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Area of a Rectangle Word Problems

AREA OF A CIRCLE WORD PROBLEMS WORKSHEET. Problem 1 : The inner part of an athletics track is lawn. Find the area of the lawn. Solution. Example 2 : A door has the dimensions shown.

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Word Problems on Area of a Rectangle

Below are some word problems to use when practicing finding perimeter and area. Problem 1. Your backyard is a perfect square. One side of your backyard is 12 yards long. What is the area

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Unit 13 Homework: Area and Perimeter Word Problems

Problem 1: Solve area word problems with 1 side length unknown. The area of Theo’s banner is 42 square feet. If the length of his banner measures 4 feet, how wide is his banner? Problem 2: Choose a strategy to find the area of a larger rectangle. Amir is getting carpet in his bedroom, which measures 7 feet by 15 feet.

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