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Amplitude. more The height from the center line to the peak (or trough) of a periodic function. Or we can measure the height from highest to lowest points and divide that by 2. Try adjusting

What is amplitude in math?

Definition of Amplitude The amplitude is the distance from the centre line to the peak (or trough) of a periodic function. Another way to find the amplitude of a periodic graph is to find the

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The amplitude of a trigonometric function is half the distance from the highest point of the curve to the bottom point of the curve: \text { (Amplitude)} = \frac { \text { (Maximum) - (minimum)} } {2}. (Amplitude) = 2(Maximum) - (minimum).

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High School Math : Understanding Period and Amplitude

Kids Definition of amplitude. 1 : the quality or state of being ample : fullness, abundance. 2 : extent sense 1, range. 3 a : the extent of a back-and-forth movement (as of a pendulum)
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Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift and Frequency

amplitude ( ˈæmplɪˌtjuːd) n 1. greatness of extent; magnitude 2. abundance or copiousness 3. breadth or scope, as of the mind 4. (Astronomy) astronomy the angular distance along the horizon measured from true east or west to the

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