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18/7 as a mixed number answer

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Express the improper fraction as a mixed fraction. 18/7

Now let's go through the steps needed to convert 18/7 to a mixed number. Step 1: Find the whole number We first want to find the whole number, and to do this we divide the numerator by the denominator. Since we are only interested in whole numbers, we ignore any numbers to the right of the decimal point. 18/7= 2.5714285714286 = 2

How to Convert 18/7 to a Mixed Number.

Step-by-Step Solution: We want to transform 187 into a mixed number. We can achieve this by following these steps: Step 1: Divide the numerator (18) by the denominator (7): 2 ← quotient --

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What is 18/7 as a mixed number?

Answer:only divide hi krna u can do then ask me jesmeenheer715 jesmeenheer715 06.06.2020 Math Primary School answered Change the improper fraction into mixed numbers

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What is 18/7 as a mixed number?

2 ← quotient -- 7)18 14 -- 4 ← reminder. Step 2: Build your answer using the quotient (2) as the whole number and the remainder (4) as the numerator, keeping the same denominator (7).

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Convert 18/7 as a mixed number

To find mixed numbers, you first have to determine how many times the denominator fits within the numerator. In this case, 7 fits within 18 twice, so 2 will be your